Arm Chair

My Story

I saw a cooperative clay studio on a farm near the town of Davenport California when I was 17 years old. I had always liked to draw and create, but seeing what could be done with clay somehow just grabbed my imagination. From then on, I was determined to learn all that I could about making beautiful things with clay.

It is not an easy material to understand completely. There are many, many variables that can affect the outcome of whatever it is I set out to create. I had to learn that hours of work and preparation might not lead to a successful outcome.

Taking classes privately, in colleges, and then joining an educational clay group helped me to learn lots of ways to accomplish the colors, shapes and textures I wanted in my work, but for me, it has always been difficult to stay with any one style. There are just too many choices.

This is why my end products are all so different from each other!